Zahedi Dates


Zahedi dates are classified as dry dates, this type is late-ripening.
These dates are cultivated in Borazjan, Kazeroon, Firoozabad, Bushehr, Jahrom, Lar, Ahwaz, Khorramshahr, and the most important area of its development is in Poshtkooh, Booshehr.
In some parts of the country it is known as Ghasb.
Shape of the fruit is oval and its end is quite thin and sharp. The fruit is yellow in kharak stage, rotab is light brown, and in the last stage color changes to reddish-brown and pale yellow.
Flesh to pit ratio is 6.35. The fruit has an oval, brown pit. It has medium pit and warhead adhesion to the flesh. Kharaks ripen in early-September but harvesting the quite ripe fruit is in late-September.

Variety: Pitted & UN-Pitted.
Grades: A, B.
Packing: 25 kg P.P Bag, 10 kg Cartons, 5 kg Cartons, Small Pack (Under 1 kg), 250 gr, 500 gr Compressed Pack.
Moisture: Under 14 %
Shelf Life: Above one year.
Shipment: By dry container.
The quantity of per container: 20 FCL: 17 MT, 40 FCL 28 MT.
Taste: Sweet.
Place of Origin:
Fruit shape: Oval.
Fruit type: Dry.
Fruit color: Brownish yellow.
Consumption stage: Date (Tamar).
Storage conditions: Room Temperature, Need Fumigation each two months. Dry and cool place.
Harvest of Zahedi Date: First week of October.
First ready to loading cargo: Mid of October.
Physical properties:
Length: 3 – 4 cm
Diagonal: 1.5 – 2 cm
Weight: 7 – 9 gr
Area Under Cultivation: Southeast of Iran.