Technical regulations for apple exportation


  1. Exported apples features (premium, first grade, second grade)

The flesh must be healthy.

The fruit should be free of stains, black spots, fractures, wrinkles, rust and cracks (generally and partially restored).

Inside the fruit should be free from hollows, dehydration (wrinkles) and brown spots.

Minor surface defects that do not affect the appearance, product quality, quality of storage and packaging of fruit, are allowed.

The maximum permissible fruit with internal or external corruption is 3%.

  1. packaging

The packages should have vents for proper ventilation.

The type of packaging (weight, size, packaging material) is based on customer demand.

  1. Marking

Name of the variety and “produced in Iran” must be mentioned on the packages.

Insert the producer’s or exporter’s name on the packages.

If there is a brand, insert it on the packages.