Technology used in SSP

Soussan Sun Plain, a knowledge-based company, produces agricultural products and understands the importance of using technology in agriculture. Since 2018 it has started studying and researching for implementation and expansion of technology in agriculture. In early 2020, for various agricultural stages, with the integrating sciences such as aerospace, smart fresh, post-harvest, artificial intelligence and the IOT, the following steps are being taken:

  1. Aerial monitoring

Our weekly flights over farms to check: water consumption, soil and plant requirements, nitrogen levels, canal and drainage maps, farm maps; variety and type of cultivars, soil moisture, soil science, plant measurement, pest control, aerial modeling, product monitoring, fire prevention, water pollution assessment, environmental protection, energy and water level survey.

  1. Pest control / plant and soil requirements

Once the data are received and the needs determined, fighting against pests, by the sprayer drones, begins at the point of the pest, also other plant needs including foliar spraying will be done.

Note: With this method, there is no need to spray the whole farm, spraying is done at the pest points and we always try to use organic and low-risk pesticides.

  1. Pollination

Pollination is the most important part in production. In the pollination season, we pollinate the plants with our own invented drone and module.

Note: Due to global warming and climate changes, there are no pollinator bees in some farms, and we have solved this problem with our pollinator drones. Each hectare is pollinated in 10 minutes.

  1. Irrigation and monitoring the farmland

Farm irrigation is done by drop irrigation method and we are trying to implement subsurface irrigation to prevent water wastage. The start and completion of the irrigation process is done by the sensors. We have also installed a ground station to monitor the soil and the weather, which provides us with various data on the soil and weather at the moment.

  1. Cold storage

Products obtained with great effort, after harvesting and transferring to our cold storages, immediately start to be stored and packed, according to special protocols, which are based on post-harvest and smart fresh technology. Also in storage halls we increase the life and quality of fruit storage by using various equipment such as: ethylene removers, temperature and humidity control, and so on.

We care for farms

Smart farming = more production = less pesticide = a healthy body