Sayer Dates


This type includes about 70% to 80% of palm dates in Khuzestan province, they are known as: sa’’ameran, Sayer, Sambaron, Samboroun, in different regions.
Specific features of these dates are:
High-glucose, high-nutrition and low-cellulose content.
It is possible to be stored in a regular warehouse without refrigerator for more than a year. Because of its less than 17% moisture.
For this variety these features also can be mentioned:
Elliptical and sometimes rectangular fruit shape, average weigh of 8.31 gr and 0.9 gr pit. Medium texture (semi-dry), bright yellow fruit, color changes to amber and reddish brown in full ripening stage, rough and high skin thickness, The flesh ratio to the pit of 6.71%, sweet and rather astringent taste of the edible part of the fruit (in the early stages of Rotabs), low fruit adhesion to the pit and warhead.
Kharaks ripen on august 25th but its fully ripe fruit is harvested in mid-September to October.
The dates are presented in three different, pitted, un-pitted and sliced, models in some different sizes.
It is worth mentioning that Khozestan province dates, especially Estamarn, are free of any toxin and chemicals and quite organic.

Variety: Pitted & UN-Pitted
Super Select maximum 59 pieces/lb
Select Grade A maximum 72 pieces/lb
Select Grade B maximum 85 pieces/lb
GAQ Grade maximum 112 pieces/lb
FAQ (smaller sizes, no specific count/lb)
Packing: 10 kg cartons, 5kg small pack (under 1 kg), 250gr, 500gr compressed pack.
Moisture: Max 16 – 18 %
Brix: 70%
Shelf Life: In original packing max 18 months at good storing conditions
Shipment: By dry container
The quantity of per container: 
20 FCL: 17 MT
40 FCL: 28 MT
Description: Iranian Sayer Dates is assorted according to size and cleanliness,
Taste: Sweet
Place of Origin: Iran
Fruit shape: Oval
Fruit type: Semi dry
Fruit color: Dark Brown(Reddish)
Consumption stage: Rotab, Date
Storage conditions: Dry and cool place
Storage Condition: Room Temperature, need Fumigation each two months.
Harvest of Sayer dates (Sair Dates): Mid of September
First ready to loading cargo: First week of October
Physical properties: 
Length: 3 – 4 cm
Diagonal: 1.5 – 2.5 cm
Weight: 6 – 8.31 gr
Area Under Cultivation: 
90% Khuzestan, Iran
5% Iraq
5% UAE

This figure, which is also called Samarran,Sayer, Sambrun, and Sameroun in different regions, accounts for about 75 percent of Khuzestan province’s date products and it is one of the most important export figures in Khuzestan province. “Sayer” is Esaameran date brand and it has a high commercial value. One of the most important characteristics of this figure is its semi-dryness, which has increased its durability, which has made it one of the most suitable commercial and export figures in Iran.