Rabbi Dates


Rabbi dates variety is one of the most important cultivars in Sistan and Baluchestan province and earliest ripening dates in Iran. This variety is cultivated in Iranshahr, Zabul, Chabahar and Sarvan.
For Rabbi Dates These features can be mentioned:
Full ripening coincidence with the Mazafati dates variety, a rather jumbo fruit, typically dark brown to black dates, red kharaks, slightly green rotabs, tiny skin, bigger fruit, higher molasses, lesser moisture and smaller pit than Mazafati  dates. Rabbi dates are the earliest ripening dates in the country.
Their sweetness is lesser than Mazafati dates. They taste great and are more palatable than Mazafati dates before they become semi-dry.

Variety: Pitted & UN-Pitted
Packing: 10 kg Cartons, Small Pack (Under 1 kg), 250 gr, 500 gr Compressed Pack.
Moisture: under %15
Shelf Life: at room temperature is about one year, under interim fumigation. 2 years.
Shipment: By dry container.
The quantity of per container: 20 FCL: 17 MT, 40 FCL 28 MT.
Description: A variety which is becoming popular all around the world.
Taste: Little Sweet.
Place of Origin: Sistan and Baluchestan/ Iran.
Fruit shape: Long and Linear.
Fruit type: Semi dry.
Fruit color: Dark Brown (Reddish).
Consumption stage: Date (Tamar).
Storage conditions: Room Temperature, Need Fumigation each two months. Dry and cool place.
Harvest of Rabbi Date: end of Augusts (September).
First ready to loading cargo: 3rd week of September
Physical properties:
Length: 4.5 -5.5 cm
Diagonal: 2 cm
Weight: 9 -11 gr
Area Under Cultivation: Southeast of Iran