Problems of trading with Iran under sanctions circumstances

It is worth mentioning that sanctions against Iran are just for oil sale and weapons and in controlling this problem, transferring money and transportations are faced with problems.

  • The problem of transferring money to Iran:

In order to solve this issue, due to the current circumstances, we use our business partners from overseas, with whom we have long term cooperation contract, the way that after negotiations and confirmation, we send you a pre-PI signed and sealed by the third party company, out of Iran, then you can deposit the money to the company’s account.

Note: We transfer the money through buying the importing items, which is explained in the import page.

  • Necessary documents for submitting to the customs and bank, for the customers:

We prepare all the necessary documents, which are explained in FAQ part, and send you through a courier in the earliest also for resolving the issues, we send you two bill of ladings: 1) the original Iranian BL. 2) the main BL, in which the port of origin and consignee company, which you deposit the money in its account, are mentioned (switched BL) and also in this BL, we mention the third party country as the origin for not getting in trouble.

  • Transportations: all the cargos are transported by non-Iranian transportation lines. We have contracted with foreigner air lines, shipping lines, and road transportation lines and trying to quote fair prices. As we agreed, any extra payments are taken by us.

In case customer wants to use their own selected transportation line, we will agree.

  • Insurance: we internationally insure all the cargos through our foreign partners.

We hope after ending these limitations we can keep our friendship with the esteemed clients, who cooperate with us in these conditions, and support a special sale conditions for them to enjoy cooperating with us.

Best Regards,

Soussan Sun Plain co
Management Team