Your privacy

Soussan Sun Plain co, is committed to do the right thing. Integrity is one of our core values and we strive to be genuine, open and transparent.

We don’t collect much personal information at Soussan Sun Plain co, because our focus is on our products quality. But, where we do collect personal information, we’re committed to ensuring that we handle it in ways that are open, accountable and respectful, no matter where in the world that personal information has been collected.

This privacy statement provides a global overview of the way we collect, use and protect personal information. It applies to Soussan Sun Plain’s activities and operations. And will manage personal information in the ways set out in this statement. It covers the personal information we collect about the people we deal with – our consumers (the end users of our products), our growers and the experts we rely on to get the job done.

We might also tell you things about your privacy at the time we collect your personal information. It’s important that you read and understand everything we tell you about your information and the way we need to use it.

Soussan Sun Plain’s privacy principles

These principles reflect good privacy practice and take into account our international privacy obligations. We’ve trained all our staff to understand that these principles must inform the way we work.

Privacy in Soussan Sun Plain Way means that we will:

  1. Be open and transparent about our privacy practices
  2. Keep personal information to a minimum
  3. Make sure that personal information is correct before using it
  4. Keep personal information safe and secure at all times
  5. Do what we say we do with your personal information
  6. Give people control on their own information
  7. Be accountable for our information.
  8. Think about privacy when we change our products or processes
  9. Take care to manage data breaches quickly and effectively

This privacy statement is our way of being open and transparent and to show you how we put many of these principles into practice. These principles ensure that we are always open, accountable and respectful.