Potato is grass like plant.this plant with underground leg rich of starch potato leaves like scutellum. These flowers are violet or white and burst clusteres. Plant fruit is green to tallow.potato rich betacaroten and starch.potato reinforce heart and lenitive and ulcer and fix gum . potatogalor vitamin c,b, potash fat people dout use potato with oil . If grate raw potato every day 15 min placer to eyes could remove timidity this salve with olive oil for yellow bile,hemorrhoid,arthritis useful. Boiled leaves potato with water was hypnotic and helpful for treatment nerrousrheumatic,diarrhea,conrulsion. This salve with honey used for lung infection. Backed potato used for contusion swollen finger. Green section toxicosis potato toxicosis mid vomiting,cramps,dizziness,heart beat. People who diabetics and kidney failure could use potato on diet. Potato use for treatment insomnia cramp,nervous,caugh Potato raw water improve ulcer and intestinal ulcers if eat at breakfast.