Pomegranate Cultivars

Iran, there is a huge genetic varieties of pomegranate cultivars in this land. Research Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources in Yazd keeps 760 types of this fruit with different properties covering sweet, sour, sour-sweet, red skin, white skin, serotinous, rath  and… Following notes should be considered for pomegranate growth: –    In a specific region It’s endemic cultivar should be planted. –    For multiplying a particular type, propagate method is usually helpful. –    Rich trees ought to be marked during harvest period. –    It is recommended to orchardists to generate the saplings, if not possible, dependable producers should be called. –    Various cultivars should be planted distinctively. –    The type cultivated in a land should be compatible to it’s climate. –    Many of the plant’s properties may change while displacing to a new region. –    Orchardists should avoid from planting large number of a new cultivar in their garden. Adapting methods should be tested on some first. Here comes some major varieties cultivated in Iran: Shisheh-e cape Ferdous, Malas-e Sava, Robab-e Neyriz, Ghojagh-e Qom, Malas-e Yazd, Khazar-e Bardaskan, Naderi-e Badrood, Ardestani-e Mahalat and Bejestani-e Gonabad.