Meet Our Team

The People Behind SSP

Soussan Sun Plain’s employees are the most valuable assets of the company. They are clever, experienced and hard-working. In Soussan Sun Plain co, we are working to align personal ambitions with the organizational goals, for the both individuals and the organization to grow together. devotional atmosphere of our company facilitates communication between employees and managers and turns the organization to a warm and intimate environment – an environment that is essential for prosperity and innovation. The concern of all members in Soussan Sun Plain co. is to provide high quality services to our valued customers.

Board of Directors

Mohsen Boveyri
Mohsen Boveyri Founder & Chairman
Term expires: 2022
Zeynab Sayadian
Zeynab Sayadian CEO & Board Member
Term expires: 2022
Mohammad Boveyri
Mohammad Boveyri Vice Chairman & Board Member
Term expires: 2022
Ali Alavian
Ali Alavian Board Member
Term expires: 2022
Mohammad Nilechi
Mohammad Nilechi Investor & Board Member
Term expires: 2022

Executive Board

Sara Vala
Sara ValaExport Manager (Middle East)
Mohsen Nilechi
Mohsen NilechiExport Manager (East Asia)
Atefe Shahin
Atefe ShahinExport Expert
AghabalazadehUrmia Cold Storage Manager
Javad Aghabalazadeh
Javad AghabalazadehGrowers Manager
Rasol Aghabalazadeh
Rasol AghabalazadehLogistic
Seraj Nosrati
Seraj NosratiLisar Cold Storage Manager
Mohammad Javad Elmi
Mohammad Javad ElmiRobotics Manager
Amin Sayadian
Amin SayadianNew technologies Manager
Reza Salehi
Reza SalehiAgri Drones Manager
Amir Abaspor
Amir AbasporHorticultural Operations Manager
Mostafa Babaei
Mostafa BabaeiMechanical Engineer
Saina Gol Mohammadi
Saina Gol MohammadiPhotographer

Talent and hardworking are the hallmarks of Soussan Sun Plain’s staff. We have the best. In Soussan Sun plain co, is always a room for improvement, because we believe that the growth of any organization is the result of the progress and job satisfaction of that organization’s employees. We share our knowledge and information in an intimate atmosphere and in different working groups to get the best possible solutions in the shortest time.