Our Growers

Soussan Sun Plain co, has been able to cover more than 40 growers in 5 provinces in Iran and produce diverse products using its quality management system and meet the needs of its target market.

Our farmers are the best and the most professionals in Iran, who are working diligently and accurately.

We communicate with our farmers daily. We check all issues of agriculture and irrigation time, and periodically organize workshops to raise their level.

We employ our farmers with high sensitivity, and after reviewing their last year performance.

Our farmers in south of Iran from east to west, in more than 15 towns and villages are cultivating varieties of dates, watermelons, tomatoes and vegetables. And in the orchards of center of Iran in Fars, Kerman and Yazd Provinces they are cultivating figs, pistachios, raisins, pomegranates, oranges and tangerines.

Also in North West in 14 provinces of the country they are cultivating various fruits such as cherries, sour cherries, nectarines, plums, peaches, pears, kiwis and raisins and in North East of the country they are cultivating saffron, barberry.

Although in various regions there are various early/late-ripening varieties.

Proper use of pesticides and minimal levels of residue is another important safety requirement, and something we take very seriously. All of our farmers observe the global certifications. Which ensures that they produce healthy and nutritious fruit at the utmost level of safety. We are also proud to be holders of Social Standards Certifications , evidencing that we take care of the well-being, health, and safety of all those who work so tirelessly to grow our fruits.

With our up-to-date and web-based platforms, we check our farms and gardens, using the data received from sensors and aerial satellite data along with the recommendations received from the Ministry of Iran on a weekly basis, inform our farmers the fastest and best practice.

You can face with all our farmers in this page and get familiar with their story and working style: