Iranian Apple Fruit

The apples produced in Iran have various shapes and colors.

They have a round shape with a cavity at the top; some of them are closely rounded and the others have a conic shape.

Moreover, some of Iranian apple fruits have knob-like lobes at the bottom of the calyx.

The other characteristic of these apples is that they have a firm flesh with red, white or yellowish-white color.

The skin of these apples is not harsh and is shiny. The skin color may be yellow, green, red, dark red, or the mixture of these colors. Crab apples still exist and can be found in jungles placed in north of Iran.

The apple trees are mostly planted in Urmia, Mashhad, and Shemiran, and Azerbaijan province. Moreover, in Iran the harvest seasons for apples are winter and summer.

There are various types of apple trees in this region (Iran). By considering the rootstock type (standard, semi-dwarf, dwarf), these trees may range in height from 0.6 to 3 meter.

The leaves of these apple trees are dark to light green with toothed margins. The underneath of these leaves have a silver color.