Soussan Sun Plain (Joint Stock Company)

Company Name: Soussan Sun Plan
Trade Name: S.S.P
Established: 2018
Ownership: Private
Founder: Mohsen Boveiry
Total number of employee in head office: 12 members
Registered license: 28745 at ministry of commerce

Iran Head Office

Address: Ahvaz, Iran
Postal Code: 1861852544
Telephone: +98 (916) 037 9180

Bank Detail
Beneficiary’s Bank: Export Development bank of Iran; Code 1316
Add: Qafari St., Moein Garden Ave., Ahvaz, Iran.
Swift Code:
In favor of: Soussan Sun Plain Co.
A/C or ID No:
Telephone: +98 (61) 32213702, +98 (61) 32202030
Fax: +98 (61) 3221253