products quality assurance terms

 Products guarantee terms:

Our products are prepared based on the clients order and all the necessary standards are taken then before shipping, they are confirmed by the client, after confirmation they will be shipped.

Following items include guarantee:

-Any broken boxes or pallets in shipping process.

-In case the products are not according to the client request or order.

-More than 10 % variation from standards or contract

Clients are recommended to:

– In order to claim for above items, please submit video, picture or enough evidences along with mentioning the date and the time.

– Try to gather enough evidences before receiving the cargo from the shipping line and submit them because sometimes the cargo, during transportation, is damaged by transportation line, therefore, we should submit enough evidences to the authorities.

Compensating the loss is done in two ways: first: through insurance, second: by us, therefore, in each case we need enough evidences.