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Why the price of fruits is counted by gross weight in Iran?2019-10-26T11:47:43+00:00

Fruits are sold by gross weight in Iran just because packing cost will be eventually added to the net weight price and it is not calculated separately.

How to transfer money directly from India to Iran?2019-10-20T13:21:57+00:00

Considering the fact that agricultural products are not subject to the U.S sanctions against Iran, there is a proper solution. You can transfer money directly to THE mother bank, “Pasargad”, Iran through UCO and IDBI banks. Currently only these two banks in India are authorized to transfer money to our account.

Download Document Sample2019-10-21T07:12:02+00:00
Where are the Soussan Sun Plain company’s target markets?2019-10-14T12:53:26+00:00

We, as an Iranian fruit producer, yearly export 80% of our production to various countries. They can abundantly be found. Large countries such as: India, Russia, china, Hong Kong, Chile, Pakistan, Iraq, Uzbekistan, emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia,……

You can find the complete list of our market on “our market” page.

Do we sell red and golden kiwis?2019-10-14T12:51:28+00:00

Yes, in its 20-year increasing production plan, we intend to cultivate and increase red and golden kiwifruit and prepare them for sell in various markets.

Does Soussan Sun Plain co present exportation services?2019-10-14T12:50:49+00:00

Yes, to facilitate the sale of agricultural products, it has provided all the export services, with a professional team, to its esteemed customers.

Does Soussan Sun Plain co, sell organic products?2019-10-14T12:50:10+00:00

Yes, Soussan Sun Plain, with the brand “Zarhia”, as an active knowledge based company in field of organic and healthy agriculture development in Iran with utilizing smart technology and precision agriculture, yearly produces hundreds of tones organic fruits and sells.

Good kiwifruit specifications2019-10-12T11:25:30+00:00

When you want to buy this fruit, put one of them between your fingers. If with a little pressure you feel softness, don’t buy them. You can store this fruit for some days in room temperature.

When buying, don’t attention to the size of the fruit because it doesn’t affect its nutrition. The bigger fruit doesn’t have more nutritional value than the smaller one.


Kiwifruit temperature and storing conditions:

The best temperature for storing the kiwis is 0 centigrade degree. In this temperature, with observing the conditions, kiwi fruit can be Stored for 6 months.

Kiwifruit is a kind of fruit that after harvesting, keeps ripping and sweetening. Ripping would be faster beside ethylene gas, therefore, never keep it beside apples, pears, bananas and potatoes because these fruits make ethylene. If the kiwis are not ripe and are hard, put one apple or banana between the kiwis, place them in a container and place it in the refrigerator to make them ripe faster.

The chemical composition of an average kiwi fruit is as follows2019-10-11T19:09:05+00:00
Soluble solids% 15.0
Total acidity% 1.4
Total sugar% 10.0

Minerals (mg/100gr)

Potassium 340.0
Sodium 9.5
Calcium 37.0
Iron 0.9
Phosphorus 23.0
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin c) 340.0
Total carbohydrate% 12.0
Protein% 1.0
Fat 0.0
Calories 55.5
An expected yield profile for Hayward2019-10-11T19:07:22+00:00
Age (years) Yield (Ton/hectare)
3 1.0
4 6.0
5 10.0
6 14.0
7 17.0
8 20.0
9 24.0
Can I use kiwifruit for various consumptions ?2019-10-11T18:31:23+00:00

You can use it in below consumptions:

Medical application: The green kiwifruit is rich source of high nutrient, minerals ( Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, man genus, Phosphorous, Potassium, selenium, sodium) , vitamins( A, B, C), fatty acids ( Omega 3, Omega 6), protein, dietary fiber, antioxidants so golden kiwi fruit can help and raise the immune system against diseases.
Green kiwifruit seed Oil :The green kiwifruit seed Oil is good source if high nutrients including an average green kiwifruit has 62% alpha-linoleic acid (omega-3 fatty acid) while these acids can’t make in the body so we must bring them through food. These alpha-linoleic acids can help to reduce to cardiovascular diseases. Also kiwi black seeds are included vitamin D. This vitamin is raised strengthen bones and help to bones growth. Also Green kiwifruit seed oil can be used in a number of cosmetic applications including skin care, anti-aging, under eye, sensitive skin, and sun protection.
Green kiwifruit juice concentrate is one other of kiwi fruit production.

I’m allergic to Green kiwifruit . Is there way to treat this difficult?2019-10-11T18:28:33+00:00

Yes, there is an enzyme specific to Green kiwifruit that causes allergic reactions with kiwifruit or food containing kiwi fruit in some people. Treatment depends on the nature and amount of the reaction including:

Dietary reformation and allergen avoidance: with education of children, parents and all the people.
No treatment: if signs are weak and self-limiting
Antihistamines: Useful for allergic rhinitis and some allergy mediated skin conditions
Also check with your doctor before trying it.

How do I know when a kiwifruit is ripe?2019-10-11T18:26:15+00:00

When a kiwifruit yields to slight pressure, like a peach, it is ready to eat.
Remember, if our green kiwifruit isn’t yet ripe, we can keep it at room temperature (away from heat and sun) for too long. But when the green kiwifruit becomes ripe (a little soft) we should keep in fridge because it is soon and quite perishable. Ripe kiwifruit normally keep for about one to two weeks.

Why should we prefer Soussan Sun Plain Co Green kiwifruit with international Green kiwifruit (New Zealand, Italy And etc.)?2019-10-11T18:24:05+00:00

Long experience in producing and delivering high quantity, excellent quality and unique taste.
Harvest (production) removal is earlier than other rivals.
Commitment to customer’s expectation.
%100 Organic and Natural.
Competitive price.
Strength packing carton with beautiful design.

Are there difference between SSP Co Green kiwi fruit and international Green Kiwis including New Zealand?2019-10-11T18:18:43+00:00

No, Iranian green kiwi fruit In terms of color, quality, size, weight, prematurity and its resistance to disease with the international green kiwifruit including New Zealand’s green kiwifruit and In terms of efficiency with Kiwi Hayward (Kiwi Green) is equal. Iranian green kiwifruit quality and quantity is developing.

What are the main differences between Green and Golden kiwifruit?2019-10-11T18:09:25+00:00

The biggest difference is taste. Green kiwi fruit is a winter fruit and has a tart-sweet taste but Golden kiwi fruit is mellow and tropical, a mixture of mango, melon and citrus flavors. People who find Green kiwifruit too tart usually love Gold. As for other differences, the color is Golden, instead of Green, and it is tear-drop shaped, with a smooth skin and a crown on the top. Finally, while you might need to wait a few days for Green to ripen, Golden kiwi fruit is always ready to eat.

Kiwi Production Areas in Iran2019-10-11T11:49:16+00:00

Mazandaran province ( 110000 MT)
Gilan province ( 70000 MT)
Golestan province (41000 MT)

Minimum Order Quantity2019-10-11T11:38:36+00:00

1 x 40 ft reefer container or 1 x 20 ft reefer container

Production and supply capacity per year2019-10-07T14:19:47+00:00

Kiwis: 6000 tons per year

Red apples: 4000 ton

Yellow apples: 200 tons

Royal gala apples: 3000 tons

Cherries: 500 tons

Apricot: 530 tons

Plume: 1000 tons

How long is the kiwi fruit shelf life2019-10-07T14:19:09+00:00

We harvest kiwis in specific and accurate time (the best time) and with using smart fresh technology and doing the whole things, which must be observed, to hold the kiwis hard for 9 month and enable the customers sell the fruit after receiving them.

Packaging services2019-10-07T14:17:49+00:00
  • In accordance with the possession of equipment and production halls, we are able to provide 1kg to 10kg packs, according to customer request, under your brand.
  • According to Iran customs organization’s order, all the exporting fruit packs must be up to 10 kg and more than that exportation won’t be authorized.
  • Normally, fruit packs in Iran are plastic boxes with various weights. Only when the customer orders, carton boxes are used.
Irrigation methods2019-10-06T15:06:22+00:00

To preserve our water resources and also managing the production, we use new irrigation methods in our farms and with using artificial Intelligence and LOT, control this process.

Are chemical pesticides used in farming and production?2019-10-06T15:05:53+00:00

No, Soussan Sun Plain co, not only doesn’t use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but also teaches other farmers to use the organic materials instead of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

How is the fruit packing in Iran?2019-10-06T15:05:25+00:00

In Iran, except for some special items, woody packs aren’t used and plastic boxes, in 4-8-10 kg capacity, are commonly used.

However, due to the order, it is possible for us to pack with small boxes (low weight) and also carton boxes.

Why should we cooperate with exporters?2019-10-06T15:04:58+00:00

Since most of the farmers of the important Iranian products have small farms, they produce low amount of the products. Exportation management firms have been organized to solve the problem and supply in high quantity and improve the cycle from production to consumption and foreign traders easily buy Iranian products and consume.

Why fruits are sold in gross weight in Iran?2019-10-06T15:04:21+00:00

Unfortunately as fruit selling in Iran is a traditional cycle and farmers have small farms, storage, harvest, packing expenses for farmers are considerable, therefore, the farmers don’t calculate the final price and use the bulk selling price formula then after selling, to determine the price, fruit is weighed with the pack.

But Soussan Sun Plain intends to solve this issue for the customers by covering and training a lot of farmers.

How long does it take the order to reach you? How is the quality of the product?2019-10-06T15:03:48+00:00

Soussan Sun Plain co, with the existing facilities and 4 professional teams, is ready to present diverse services to the customers.

We averagely are able to prepare any order daily, the way that after confirming the order (receiving advance payment), preparation will be started (2days).

After preparation, if there is no issue and it’s not holiday in Iran, container will be sent to Bandar Abbas by road (from origin to Bandar Abbas, 2 days).

It takes 2 days to prepare documents (quarantine certificate and test), disinfect the container and test it.

10 days free in Bandar. The vessel may be loaded at the first day or in case the vessel has delay or another schedule, maximum in 10 days your order will be sent.

Notice: we have already considered all the necessary aspects for keeping the health and the quality of the fruits at a high level so don’t worry we assure you that even the most sensitive fruits, with no damage, will keep the quality and shape for 30 days and the costumer can plan selling them with no worries.

Due to the distances of the sea or road and the path, delivery time would be different for instance from Bandar Abbas, Iran it takes 5 days to reach Nava Sheva, India.

Harvest time of kiwis2019-10-05T11:28:46+00:00

To maintain the target markets and avoid losses, due to low sugar, sour taste and lack of real flavor of kiwi fruit in competition with global markets, before fruit brix reaches 6.2, we avoid early harvest of kiwi fruit.

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