1. Cultivation, growing, harvest, loading and transportation costs: prime costs
  2. storing , services, Sorting and quality drop, loading, workers’ wages, and other costs: post harvesting costs.
  3. Packing in plastic baskets, labels, palletizing, long time maintenance equipment in each basket: packing costs.
    *In this part only workers’ wages is counted and services are eventually counted due to the gross sale.
  4. Gross weight of a container.
  5. 20 to 25 percent business profit.
  6. Selling price in EXW.


For instance: calculating the price for a 40 feet ref container, with 20 tons capacity is as following:

A: 35,000 IRR
B: 20,000 IRR
C: 10,000 IRR

(35,000+20,000+10,000) x 20000 x 20%= 1,560,000,000 IRR


1. For part C, due to the unclear number of packs and various weight of the baskets, this item after weighing the container and eventually according to above formula is calculated. Due to the experience of activity in Iran market for many years and different calculating the selling price, we finally reached to the best and fairest method of calculating the price. Because in Iran fruits are sold in gross weight but if the fruit is in custom-made boxes, due to the cost of the box production, the fruit is sold in net weight.

2. Many customers request to buy the fruit in net weight and ignore or don’t notice these expenses, so please consider the above notice.