Soussan Sun Plain co, with the existing facilities and 4 professional teams, is ready to present diverse services to the customers.

We averagely are able to prepare any order daily, the way that after confirming the order (receiving advance payment), preparation will be started (2days).

After preparation, if there is no issue and it’s not holiday in Iran, container will be sent to Bandar Abbas by road (from origin to Bandar Abbas, 2 days).

It takes 2 days to prepare documents (quarantine certificate and test), disinfect the container and test it.

10 days free in Bandar. The vessel may be loaded at the first day or in case the vessel has delay or another schedule, maximum in 10 days your order will be sent.

Notice: we have already considered all the necessary aspects for keeping the health and the quality of the fruits at a high level so don’t worry we assure you that even the most sensitive fruits, with no damage, will keep the quality and shape for 30 days and the costumer can plan selling them with no worries.

Due to the distances of the sea or road and the path, delivery time would be different for instance from Bandar Abbas, Iran it takes 5 days to reach Nava Sheva, India.