When you want to buy this fruit, put one of them between your fingers. If with a little pressure you feel softness, don’t buy them. You can store this fruit for some days in room temperature.

When buying, don’t attention to the size of the fruit because it doesn’t affect its nutrition. The bigger fruit doesn’t have more nutritional value than the smaller one.


Kiwifruit temperature and storing conditions:

The best temperature for storing the kiwis is 0 centigrade degree. In this temperature, with observing the conditions, kiwi fruit can be Stored for 6 months.

Kiwifruit is a kind of fruit that after harvesting, keeps ripping and sweetening. Ripping would be faster beside ethylene gas, therefore, never keep it beside apples, pears, bananas and potatoes because these fruits make ethylene. If the kiwis are not ripe and are hard, put one apple or banana between the kiwis, place them in a container and place it in the refrigerator to make them ripe faster.