Technical regulations for apple exportation

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Technical regulations for apple exportation   Exported apples features (premium, first grade, second grade) The flesh must be healthy. The fruit should be free of stains, black spots, fractures, wrinkles, rust and cracks (generally and partially restored). Inside the fruit should be free from hollows, dehydration (wrinkles) and brown spots. Minor surface defects that

How to calculate the price of each kilo gram fruit in Iran

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Cultivation, growing, harvest, loading and transportation costs: prime costs storing , services, Sorting and quality drop, loading, workers’ wages, and other costs: post harvesting costs. Packing in plastic baskets, labels, palletizing, long time maintenance equipment in each basket: packing costs. *In this part only workers’ wages is counted and services are eventually counted due

How to transfer money directly from India to Iran?

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Considering the fact that agricultural products are not subject to the U.S sanctions against Iran, there is a proper solution. You can transfer money directly to THE mother bank, “Pasargad”, Iran through UCO and IDBI banks. Currently only these two banks in India are authorized to transfer money to our account.

Where are the Soussan Sun Plain company’s target markets?

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We, as an Iranian fruit producer, yearly export 80% of our production to various countries. They can abundantly be found. Large countries such as: India, Russia, china, Hong Kong, Chile, Pakistan, Iraq, Uzbekistan, emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia,…… You can find the complete list of our market on “our market” page.

Does Soussan Sun Plain co, sell organic products?

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Yes, Soussan Sun Plain, with the brand “SSP Fruits”, as an active knowledge based company in field of organic and healthy agriculture development in Iran with utilizing smart technology and precision agriculture, yearly produces hundreds of tones organic fruits and sells.

Good kiwifruit specifications

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When you want to buy this fruit, put one of them between your fingers. If with a little pressure you feel softness, don’t buy them. You can store this fruit for some days in room temperature. When buying, don’t attention to the size of the fruit because it doesn’t affect its nutrition. The bigger

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