We export premium Iranian fresh fruits and vegetables across the world.

We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to fulfill the orders.

Through our export division, SSP co directly links customers to the respected Iranian growers network. SSP co, operates out of our Iran Market and sends the orders by air and the sea to the customers around the world.

Distribution Offering

Central Location

We ship from all major Iran ports including Bandar Abbas, Chabahar. Our proximity to IKA International Airport means that we can also fulfil overnight deliveries.

Air & Sea freight

We have long standing relationships with all major air and sea freight carriers. This allows us to utilise the most direct and effective transport solutions, meaning orders always arrive in the freshest condition.

Cruise Liners

We specialise in supplying premium Iranian fresh produce to cruise-liners docked in all major Iranian ports

Our Export Products

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Having high access to different farms all over Iran, enables Soussan Sun Plain to supply your orders of fresh and vegetables with premium quality, competitive prices and at the soonest possible time Soussan Sun Plain produces and supplies:

Producing Kiwifruit is our profession
Producing Apples is our profession (Golden delicious, Red delicious)
Fresh vegetables like mint, tarragon, etc.

  • Dried Fruits and Vegetables

Raisins ( Sultana, Sundried, Golden)
Different varieties of Dates
Dry Figs
Dried Barberry
Dried Tomato
Dried vegetables

  • Herbal Derivatives

Saffron (organic)

  • Fruit Juice Concentrates

Soussan Sun Plain is your right choice for fruit juice concentrates

Pomegranate juice concentrate
Apples juice concentrate
White grape juice concentrate
Sour Cherry juice concentrate
Barberry juice concentrate