Customer Services

There are unlimited number of services provided to serve our customers, you can just ask for what you want, our supervisors will prepare your package as soon as possible. Following listed some of our services:

  • Preparation and sending test package to customers interested in our quality.
  • Best Supervision for per packing and after packing
  • Most fresh and clean products are available in our banks ready to fly out!
  • on-ship / off- ship delivery
  • 24/7 online contacting service [+989160379180]
  • Lowest prices and best quality

Quick access to container tracking services

Our Fruits Produce are talking with wholesale markets on a daily basis. Once we know what the markets require for the day, the fruit is packed fresh to order and loaded out of the packhouse that afternoon. All North Island markets receive their orders, in time for sales the next morning. It takes 2 days to reach all South markets. We work closely with wholesale buyers who are looking for good quality produce. If you have a crop that you need help getting to market, we can assist. We have fruit cases / crates and bushell bins available for your use. Call the packhouse today.

Iran is one of the active exporters of various types of agricultural produce. The four-season climate and fertile soil have helped Iran in maintaining its position as one of the suppliers of fruits, vegetables and dried fruits for the exportation purposes.
By having access to reliable and famous orchardists and producers, SSP Group announces its preparation to supply fresh fruits for customers.
Regarding the different entry conditions of agricultural produces in the various destination countries, the standard and certificates specific to that country are in demand. The standards include a health certificate, phytosanitary certificate, ISO 22000, HACCP, Global Gap, etc. SSP group tries its best on knowing the privileged and capable growers of planting to harvest for producing good agricultural and organic fruits of Iran that be able to provide the referred certificates and standards according to Iran’s available services in agricultural organizations. Regarding the alleged Iranian fruit taste, SSP attempts to package its produce in modern ways and perform the principles of export.
Despite financial crises, SSP group offers new services profited by foreign exchange bank accounts in European and Asian countries (Italy,Russia,Turkey,The UAE and Tajikistan) to facilitate and accelerate the financial transactions for global markets.
Glorious agricultural heritage, special and distinctive brands along with our high quality produce, is our strong support, experience and specialty in business.
Our business pursues concepts for establishing communication between customers and satisfaction of produce. Our old and long lasting experiences and records in business and the knowledge of identifying important regions guaranty the quality of SSP fresh produce.
Our strategic services by considering the global market analysis has developed the concept of trade and with respect to the very high expenses involved, the final/cost price is the most important issue and we are firm in the global market with competitive prices.

The putrefying and easily spoilage nature of fresh produce need special attention to warehousing and transportation. To assure the freshness of produce and delivering them in the same initial quality, we pay specific attention to the temperature, moisture in warehousing and speed in delivery, which helps in increasing the durability of the produce and decreasing the amount of losses.
To facilitate transportation, we have three terminals with freezing house facilities. The position of terminals has been selected strategically to provide easy access and delivery of produce to all regions of Iran in the shortest time with the least costs. In the international transportation section, we have close cooperation with several international shipping companies to deliver produce in refrigeration containers and we identify and select the best transportation approaches in shortest transit time by making annual contract with those companies and benefit from their credits and supports.
We have our agents in custom houses to facilitate the release of goods in shortest time and we have already developed an efficiency system to create trust and confident for administrative/documentation affairs.

The volume of the cold stores is 10,000 cubic meters, 13 frozen, chilled, ripening and precooling chambers in a various sizes begin from 340 cubic meters up to 2350 cubic meter for each room, the temperature of each chamber is ready to reach from +20 degrees down to -30.

We provide all logistic services such as, loading, unloading, warehouse management, storing by box, inventory, delivery services, distribution services…

The size of the containers

Sorting & Packing

According to the continues expansion in the agriculture of Jordan, and the increasing demand for the fruits and vegetables, Fresh Fruits Company made a department concerned about sorting, waxing and packing the crops through a sorting line with 10 tons/hour capacity.

The crops are sorted and packed with a highest and latest technology by Weight and color, and to avoid any contamination we use RO water, food grade shampoo and food grade wax.

Packing work is accomplished with a will trained and expert workers, without touching the crops by the workers hands, and according to the HACCP certification an intensive cleaning and hygienic procedures is applied by the labors.