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About Apple Fruit

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About Apple Fruit Apple fruit is the pomaceous fruit of the small deciduous apple tree and is known as the fruit that seduced Adam and Eve. This fruit can be found in various sizes, tastes and different colors such as red, green, yellow, and pink. Up to now, 7500 apple fruit types have been

What Is Pomegranate ?

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What Is Pomegranate ? Pomegranate has been one of the most popular fruits among different cultures for many years and has been thought to be a plant from heaven. The fruit owes the popularity not only to it’s look, taste and nutritional value but also to the medical properties attributed to it. Afrodite -the

Suitable Climate Condition for Pomegranate Growth

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Suitable Climate Condition for Pomegranate Growth Pomegranate shrub is a strong plant and can adapt itself to a wide range of climates and soils, although tropical or semi-tropical climate would be the ideal choice. Evergreen types are grown in beaches or climates with high humidity and deciduous types are grown next to deserts and

Regions Of Pomegranate Cultivation

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Regions Of Pomegranate Cultivation Pomegranate is cultivated in 36 countries of the world: United States of America, Australia, Russia, Japan, Germany, China, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Morocco, Mauritania, Bangladesh, Burma, Sudan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Samarkand, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, India and Iran. Iran

Pomegranate Forms Of Usage

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Pomegranate Forms Of Usage Traditional cultures used rink, root and bark of pomegranates for cure but since studies have proved them to be toxic, it is strongly recommended to abandon the usage. Nevertheless seeds and fruits are used in modern herbal medicine. Pomegranate fruit is used in producing food, juices, confections and alcoholic beverages

Pomegranate Exports

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Pomegranate Exports Pomegranate export as many other agricultural products deals with it’s own problems including transportation difficulties and orchardists and exporters’ unfamiliarity with scientific methods of harvest and conservation which leads to loss of products. But the problem could be solved through a fitting approach of marketing, growing relevant pomegranate types in specific climates

Pomegranate Cultivars

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Pomegranate Cultivars Iran, there is a huge genetic varieties of pomegranate cultivars in this land. Research Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources in Yazd keeps 760 types of this fruit with different properties covering sweet, sour, sour-sweet, red skin, white skin, serotinous, rath  and… Following notes should be considered for pomegranate growth: –    In

Needs Of Pomegranate Plant

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Needs Of Pomegranate Plant 1- Water Pomegranate can adapt itself to dehydration to some extent. Even after years of dehydration, there is still hope for the garden to develop for the second time. In spite of that, still quality and quantity of water is important. Usually 2ds/m of water is enough but if large

Medical Usages Of Pomegranate

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Medical Usages Of Pomegranate General Medicinal Notes 1-    Cold natured people should take sugarplum after eating pomegranate. 2-    Eating too much of pomegranate leads to emphysema and ucler of the stomach. 3-    Bark and root extract can Excrete of intestinal worms but may cause dizziness and vomiting. 4-    Sodden of pomegranate skin recovers sore

Botanical Characteristics Of Pomegranate

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Botanical Characteristics Of Pomegranate Herbalists classify pomegranate in the Puniceae family. It grows on shrubs or trees with 5-8 meter height and is multi stemmed. The blossoms are deep red in tubular calyx shape and are 3 cm in diameter. The leaves are narrow and 2-7 cm long. The flowers turn into a red

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