Order cancellation

Update: 19 June 2019

Soussan sun plain company considers the right of order cancellation for its customers caused by whatever reasons, under below rules and conditions:

  1. Customer must fill the cancellation form; besides, send his/her official request to this email address: co@iranfreshfruit.biz
  2. In case the customer requests to cancel the order after paying the advance and order preparation process hasn’t been started yet and no expenses has been done by the seller, after accepting the cancellation, seller will transfer the amount to the customer’s official bank account.


-legal charges of money transfer will deficit from the amount.

-Charges of sending documents and invoice will be defecated from the amount.

  1. Regarding the progress of the procedure all of the expenses including spiritual dues will be calculated and the customer has to pay the amount.


Irreversible payments:

Local transportation, packing, used goods, human forces wages, quality reduction by sorting the product and other logical charges.

  1. In case the expenses are more than the received amount, customer must pay the rest.


-If the customer refrain from paying the compensation, based on this confirmation the seller can sue to court or all of the governmental or legal centers.

-If the customer doesn’t sign the contract, all of the terms and conditions mentioned in the website are substantiated, also a copy of these conditions will be sent to customers email address before issuance of the invoice.