Business terms and conditions of Soussan Sun Plain co.

Update: 10 Sep 2020

Before draft of PI issue

  • The amount stated in the pre-invoice has been accurately calculated and is non-negotiable.
  • Please note the validity date of the pre-invoice. Because any action after the validity period is not approved and another invoice needs to be issued.
  • Considering the unilateral sanctions of the US government against the Iranian government and in order to avoid any problems in transferring money and cooperating, we work in the following way:
  • The pre-invoice will be provided to you in two ways: an invoice with the official seal and letterhead of Soussan Sun Plain Company and another invoice with the letterhead and account number of our partner company in the UAE, where the funds will be deposited for us. Explanation: A bill of lading from the UAE with the name of the Emirati company will be issued in your name)
  • It is not possible to send money directly from Iranian banks in your country to our company account in Iran and according to the laws of your country, they must act like other banks, so if a bank claims, you can send money directly to the Iranian company account in situation of sanctions, It is an illegal act that if it is identified, can cause serious problems for our customers and our company, so we refuse to receive money in our account through the bank.
  • It is possible to receive money through an exchange office between the two countries and receive it in our Iranian account.
  • Before issuing the pre-invoice, the customer is asked to provide us his bank detail for review to prevent problems in transferring money.
  • Minimum order quantity: 3 tons by air, 1 container by the sea and road, 20 or 40 feet, weighing 10 or 20 tons.
  • The customer is required to provide the following information to issue a pre-invoice: Full Name/Email/Address/VAT Number/IEC No/GTSIN

Payment mode

  • Payment in cash at our company (only in dollars or euros).
  • 50% in advance and 50% against copy of the original Iranian bill of lading.
  • Payment through real estate or bank credit in Iran (bank recognizance).

Inspection and quality assurance

  • The customer can travel to Iran to visit our facilities and products, and we can issue an invitation to facilitate this process.
  • The customer can use the services of international inspection companies, operating in Iran, for any part of the work process (the cost of these services is borne by the customer).
  • The customer should start filming when the container is delivered and before opening the container seal, mentioning the seller’s name, date and customer’s name. And record all the steps of checking and transferring the goods so that if we see a problem in the received goods, we can investigate the matter. If the problem is caused by our agents, we will compensate immediately, but if the problem is caused by any of the factors involved in the movement and transportation of goods, we will legally take action.


  • Fumigation (Disinfection is done if needed or requested by the customer)
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Phytosanitary certification from Iran
  • Certificate of Origin from Iran
  • Bill of lading from Iran
  • Switch bill of lading from UAE
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Inspection Document (If required by the customer)
  • Insurance Document (until it’s on board, the goods are automatically insured by our company but if you need international goods insurance, you must officially announce it so that the insurance fee will be calculated).

Process and schedule of preparation-to-delivery of goods

  • After receiving the money in the announced account (copy of the receipt of transferring money is not acceptable) the preparation process will start as follows:
  • Preparation, sorting and packing: 2 working days
  • Transportation of goods by land to the output port: the nearest port is 4 hours and the farthest port is 2 days
  • Preliminary inspection and obtaining a vegetable quarantine certificate: 1 working day of the Iran government
  • Obtaining customs documents and other required documents: 1 working day of the government
  • Releasing bill of lading: After receiving all the documents and sending it to the shipping line, the bill of lading will be issued on the same day.
  • Sending a copy of the original Iranian bill of lading to the customer: At the earliest.
  • Waiting to receive the balance from the customer. (At this stage please note that the goods are kept for 10 days at customs and more than 10 days will be included demur rage).
  • After receiving the money in the announced account, shipping line is allowed to ship the container and, according to the schedule of distance to the destination port, with the first departure, it will be sent to you. (The goods will be released and at the destination port can be cleared).
  • During the time when the goods are moving from the port of origin to the port of destination, a copy of the original documents will be emailed to the customer and the original documents will be sent to the customer’s address by international courier. (Maximum 5 working days).

Occurring problem:

  • If there a problem occurs during transferring money to our announced account, you can recall the money through your bank.
  • If the money reaches our declared account and the amount is blocked for any reason, but we can receive the amount by providing the required documents to the bank and the bank does not return the amount to the customer’s account, we assume the money has been received, but we change the account number for the next payments.

Any changes in order

  • If the customer makes a change in the order before the start of the preparation process, we must be notified in writing and by sending an email, and after the review, if there is no specific change in the general condition of the order, no additional cost it will be done, but if additional processes need to be done or many changes are applied in the order, the cost of these changes will be sent to the customer for approval and continuation of the ordering process. However, if changes are made after preparation in any of the stages until the delivery of the order, it requires further investigation and making the best decision, which will lead to incidental costs and losses, after which our official announcement will be re-decided.

Our terms and conditions are non-negotiable.