The Form of granting the Sales representation

Soussan Sun Plain Company with the trademark “Zarhia” as a producer of agricultural products, in order to make products of this company easy to access for all dear compatriots, with the aim of developing the quantitative and qualitative distribution and sales network, accepts a limited number of agents meeting the following general requirements, through interview.

Required General Condition for Applicants (Legal / Real):

1- having “capillary distribution and at least three years marketing experience” with good credibility.

2- having a valid guarantor and good current account turnover in banks and good tax history.

3- Minimum age of applicants 25 years and maximum 55 years (real person)

Terms and Conditions of getting Sales and Distribution Agency of Zarhia Products:

Thank you for joining Zarhia family.

Dear applicants, to get representation please read the following terms and conditions before applying:

1- Zarhia Products Representation is awarded to a company, shop or person who has a good working experience (at least 3 years) in field of fresh fruits and vegetables sales and other agricultural products with different brands especially reliable brands and has a good reputation in the field of activity.

2- Trial period: This period gives the experts a proper time to evaluate the applicant, as well as a time for the applicant to examine the area’s market and to know the sales and demands of the area, and during this period, the company tests the financial ability and reliability of the applicant, obviously during this period the applicant must continue to purchase until the financial unit of the company observes the turnover, it is worth mentioning that during this period there is no obligation to purchase numerically  or a particular commodity, but the sum of the turnover and coverage of the area can help making decision for granting the exclusive agency in province or country.

3- purchase Basket: The basket means that the agent, after passing the trail period, must purchase a basket of company goods (up to the max sales target) each month. Obviously, the goods are sold based on the decisive invoice and the sale is undertaken by the agent.

  1. Filling in and submitting the Representation Form: The applicant must first complete and submit the Preliminary Application Form (Form One) (at the end of this page).