Soussan Sun Plain Co.

SSP is a path to achievement of sustainability and food safety, consisting of experience, innovation, agricultural technology and a layer of e-commerce.
At present, our focus is to become a reference point for the production, marketing, sales and exportation of organic agricultural products with a high quality and diverse range of presentation in order to provide for a vast range of domestic and foreign market with close monitoring and following at all stages of implementation.

Sousan Sun Plain Co. was stablished in Tehran (Iran) with a core formed of 8 main members. We started our investigations about issues we are facing in field of exportation and production of agricultural products. After three years of investigations we prepared our private business plan for the first five years and began our projects.

We registered our international brand named Zarhia in order to present food products with optimum quality.

With facing the problems agriculture industry due to prevalence of traditional methods we transferred our establishment from Tehran to Uremia to have a closer relationship with our growers and getting to know their lifestyle, vocation, and farming. Till 2016 we could present instructions and educations about dropping irrigation system and merging precision farming with traditional manners and substitution of chemical fertilizers and pesticides into organic.

We have had great achievements in that region.

In order to expand our accomplishments we intended to submit an online agricultural platform from 0 to 100.

Presentation of our own platform in order to increase our production and exporting also improvement and empowering growers we have joined of IASP (International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation) and settled in technology and science park of Iran.

After years of activities and investigation and development we could export Iranian products with precise and direct marketing to different countries and we have happy clients in more than 42 countries who we have kept satisfied and tend to keep it this way.

Our executive team has designed and invented automatic and semi-automatic devises for harvesting fruits and after reaching this accomplishments we decided to add a robotic team to improve our services and quality. Our platform is on pilot execution between 150 farmers in Khuzestan and west Azerbaijan.

From 2010” Soussan Sun Plain Co.” cold store and sorting facility began to work. Currently creates employment for 20 people firmly and70 worker seasonally.

In this facility we are packing and sorting Cherries, Plumes, Grapes, Apricots, Apples and Pomegranates.

All the facility’s refrigerator products are exported to Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, and GCC.

Soussan Sun Plain Co. is a specialist company that exports fresh fruit in high quality across the world. Our company have operated as a very experienced agricultural company in fresh fruit sector up to now. This company with an experienced management offers services to customers such as: fruit packing, sorting, distribution, selling and transportation. Also this facility is able to offer its products with customers brand and packing.

This facility exports its products to some countries such as Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait.


To save your precious health, valuable time and money.

Finalizing Zarhia’s private platform and business model in order to:

  1. Expansion of modern and precision farming in entire of Iran:

1.1 Wide utilization of digital data (satellite pictures, local sensors, LOT), data analyze and machine learning.

1.2 Smart irrigation for helping drought.

1.3 Mechanical harvesting for efficiency increase and easing farmer’s labor.

1.4 Practical and scientific educations for farmers to transit from traditional to modern manners.

  1. Eliminating of middlemen in order to shorten the chain of production to selling:

2.1 Preventing quality reduction due to non-standard keeping.

2.2 Shortening the period between harvest and delivery to the customer.

2.3 Magnificent reduction in consumer price.

2.4 Realizing the dream of improving the livelihoods of hard-working farmers.

  1. Commitment for guaranteed buying of agricultural products of the growers who are members of Zarhia platform, simultaneously professional marketing and developing knowledge about the global market.
  1. Continual and various training for the executive team and sales:

4.1 Empowering and keeping members in check.
4.2 Improving and making the sales system and Internet queries more efficient.

  1. Exploiting the existing facilities and exceptional climate of Iran, along with digital data, to produce healthy and high quality agricultural products free of any chemical pesticides.
  2. Creating a dynamic and competitive environment for improving the quality of services provided in the agricultural industry.


SSP team has been active in the field of agricultural products export for several years, and we have a lot of sweet memories with farmers in their orchards. We plan to improve the cultivation by use of agriculture science, experiences of foreign cooperation and IT programming science to help farmers work.

Our Quality

Soussan Sun Plain Co primary concern is to maintain and improve the quality of the products and services it offers.

Our number one priority is to offer fresh, high-quality products!

Certified quality

Food Safety

Soussan Sun Plain Co, are committed to providing customers with safe, compliant food products.

Food safety

Weekly environmental swabbing at more 600 food contact and non-food contact points.

Intensive pest monitoring and prevention program with inspection twice a week. Dedicated pest control staff supported by a third-party contractor.

All employees undergo extensive food safety training with mandatory compliance initiatives.

Hand sanitizers. Foot bath and other measures incorporated into all ready-to-eat areas.

Credentialed. Full-time sanitarian on staff.

Master sanitation schedule including foaming, dry cleaning techniques and dry dry ice blasters throughout all facilities, supported by dedicated plant-specific teams.

Outreach program invites university professors, industry food safety expert technical consultants and microbiologists to review our food safety procedures.

Quality assurance

All products undergo a test, hold and release program ensuring compliance with specifications.

Upgraded, custom-designed statistical process control system features automatic rejection of product.

Contracted with accredited ISO-17025 third-party laboratory with on-site testing facilities, capability to adhere to U.S., E.U. and other international testing protocols.

Strategically partnered with pasteurization equipment experts to implement new pistachio pasteurization technology

100% allergen separation between pistachios and almonds.

All flavored product are tested weekly against sensory benchmarks.

Quality control

All facilities are staffed with full-time and dedicated quality control personnel.

Each manufacturing process is supervised by quality control personnel.