Iran is known as the largest producer of pomegranate in the world. The Pomegranate is full of special vitamins and it includes anti oxidants with plenty of medical benefits. This page is to introduce this fruit and to explain the nutritional and medical benefits of pomegranate.
There are more than 700 verities of pomegranate in Iran and they are classified based on the skin color, seeds and taste. We will introduce the more popular and preferable type of pomegranate in Iran along with their characteristics.
Pomegranate farms are spread all over Iran, as a result many types of Zarhia Trees are to be found and adapted in various environments. We will briefly explain the characteristics of Zarhia Tree and requirements for planting and growing.
In a large scale, most pomegranate farms in Iran do not use any chemical fertilizer or insecticides. This complex of various farms is now providing the market with a fully organic pomegranate. Due to the high demand of global market for organic products, Major and organic producers of this fruit will be introduced here, as well we will introduce the active export businesses.
Considering the medical advantages, this fruit has been using to treat various diseases for a long time in traditional medical treatment. In this site we will look at the medical aspects of this fruit and introduce some practically proven cure of this fruit.
Like other agriculture products, pomegranate is also having many secondary products such as Zarhia Juice, Zarhia Paste, Concentrate, Zarhia Powder and various ointments made from pomegranate’s skin. Also, the extracted oil from the core of Zarhia seed has anti-cancer properties. A section will be explaining these products along with some pictures.